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Garbin Estate Wines

2019 Shiraz

2019 Shiraz

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"Well-balanced with layered texture and flavour profile"

A classic varietal profile of violets, raspberries, cassis, blackberries, blueberries and plums really shines through in this Shiraz. Notes of cedar, anise, cinnamon and nutmeg add complexity and make it more refined.

It is well-balanced and medium-bodied with medium acidity and well defined high tannins that allow enjoying layered texture and flavour profile without overwhelming the taste. Some red fruit notes are coming through on the palate, like cranberries, and red cherries with a touch of pepper mint which makes this wine taste young and refreshing.

Winemaker notes

2019 was a good yielding year with techniques applied during pruning: careful foliage wire lifting close to vintage time was done for sunlight exposure to the canopy. Rainfall for this vintage was near average across Greater Perth, and annual mean maximum and minimum temperatures were generally close to average. Summer was very warm with below-average rainfall and maximum and minimum temperatures were more than one degree above average.

Growing: These vineyards are in their first year of a 5-year program for further organic matter development. This wine was made with low chemical inputs and no pesticides in vineyard management. When required, our spray program ensured limited fungal disease allowing for a progression in ripening. A combination of machine harvest and handpicked fruit for production.

Winemaking: The Gingin Shiraz block was harvested on the 12 of February 2019
and a week later - the Estate block. Both vineyards were blended with 10 months
French oak maturation with regular pH and sulphur content testing the only
intervention conducted in that time. 12 days on skins in open fermenting tanks. 2-
hour press cycle.

Alc. 14.5 %
Not vegan

2019 Shiraz wine experience

This wine will be enjoyed by Shiraz lovers who prefer their wine to have refreshing acidity and well-defined smooth tannins. Wine drinkers who may find Barossa Shiraz too intense will also enjoy this well-balanced wine.

Thanks to its structure this wine is good for cooler days but also can be enjoyed on warm summer nights.

Enjoy this Shiraz at a room temperature of around 18° C. This wine will benefit from
decanting in a medium-wide base decanter for 20 mins. This wine can be cellared for another 5 years.

For food pairings, go for classic Shiraz companions like BBQs, grilled meats and veggies,
peppery steak, and savoury meals with minimum red pepper. Refreshing style of this wine also opens up possibilities for lighter-style dishes like white meats, pork, red sauce dishes and roasted vegetables. High acidity also means that this wine will work well with fatty dishes.

Be careful with spices and curries as they will highlight alcohol and make the tannins feel harsher, though these pairings can also be enjoyed by some wine lovers.

Food pairings

- Vegetable stir fry with sesame oil, eggplant Parmigiana.

🍝- Truffle pasta, beef brisket BBQ pasta, vegemite pizza scrolls, sausage rolls,
kangaroo mince pasta with tomato sauce.

🍗- Braised pork, Khashlama (lamb stew), pepper steak, smoked duck, Vietnamese
steak salad, kangaroo stir fry, eggplant stuffed with minced beef, roast beef with
red wine, burritos, burgers, beef chow mein, slow-braised lamb shoulder, Lancashire hotpot.

🧀- Truffle Cheddar, smoked buffalo cheese, aged Gouda, Gruyere, Leicester

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