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Peter in the vineyard talking with export clients

Export Information

Garbin Estate Wines has the capability to supply wine worldwide with our Australian export license. With over 7+ years experience in exporting we are continually open to exporters to trade our premium product. Recently the majority of our experience is exporting to China to provinces such as Guizhou and Shandong. The most requested wines for export have been our premium sparklings, reds and whites.

Over the years Garbin Estate has developed a good understanding of shipping methods, from wine packaging to sea container freight stacking. All necessary certifications to comply with Wine Australia are always top priority in order to ensure customer/supplier trade is compliant and deadlines accommodated.

If you are serious about the exporting/importing business in wine or have any questions please contact:
Peter Garbin
Mobile: +61 427086332

Garbin Estate Export Client Presentation

Hands on work from vineyard, production to the client, and export processes.