Vintage Report 19

Vintage Report 19

Optimism and thorough planning for the 2019 Vintage saw the Garbin family tackle this year’s harvest with pleasing results and every berry picked. Although sometimes not all goes according to plan. Our biggest harvest for consecutive years has been day 1 the Chardonnay. Peter always reminds the team the first crush is always the longest and therefore potential for issues.
Day 1, Adam went down with bronchitis ruling him out for early morning harvests for the rest of week. But Vintage goes ahead and being a Garbin, you solider on. The Chenin Blanc and Verdelho upon reflection was some of the best-looking fruit Peter has seen in recent vintages and this was pleasing considering the first observation in vineyard field trials was reward for effort.
It was great to see the Sangiovese thriving in warm, dry conditions for 2019 and we can’t wait for volume in the future.
Our Estate block Merlot was another tick of approval for vintage 2019 and we are  considering a Cabernet Merlot blend or Sparkling Merlot.

We are sharing this first year story with you as the Cabernet Sauvignon planted just over 2 years ago carries huge expectations being carefully researched clone vines suitable for Gingin. This clone is rated in France as superior for colour potential and tannin structure. It produces rich and well structured wines suitable for oak maturation. Wines from this clone are rated as superior for sugar content and known for being well balanced and bodied wines with ageing qualities. What a result, the cabernet sauvignon withstood a gentle harvest pick with seriously good results from crushing to observing typical varietal elements early on to dryness during the later stages of fermentation.

As you are reading this newsletter, the 2019 vintage wines are secured in tank with some varieties maturing in oak. Next month we will be juggling a shed extension and bottling of our previous vintages including the 2018 Garbin Estate Reserve Chardonnay, Verdelho 2019 and the Shiraz 2017.

Remember the 2016 Garbin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon? Well we have re-released this beautiful varietal wine. Do visit our cellar door for a tasting and a complimentary cheese board on Sundays throughout April/May.

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