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2021 Rosé Sangiovese

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"Refreshing and Delicate"

This wine is light and delicate with a gentle perfume of apple blossom, red apples, strawberry, yellow peach and tangerine. It has yogurt rather than cream notes and a touch of minerality. While it is very fruit-forward on the nose, the palate is very refreshing. It's bursting with the flavours of crunchy red apples, cranberries and strawberries in yogurt.
This wine is off-dry light-bodied with medium+ acidity that has more of a yogurt than lemon quality, medium length. Only 11.5% abv makes this rosé very delicate and easy-drinking.

Winemaker Notes

This Rose semi-dry red wine style is crafted from Estate Sangiovese grapes grown with low chemical inputs and no pesticides.
2021 vintage had the fourth driest winter on record, third driest October on record but a record wet November, with winter also falling below average. The late rain and fewer days above 35 degrees (compared with last season) helped this vintage keep more on schedule with previous years. In the end, it allowed for balanced ripening and higher (compared to the previous year) yields resulting in high-quality fruit.
Machine harvested in early February, 2-hour press cycle for a salmon pink, rose gold colour into stainless steel tank with minimal fining and filtering.
This has produced a lighter style Rosé, fresh and bright with a little residual sweetness. To be enjoyed ideally served chilled.
11.5% Alc.
Not vegan.

2021 Rosé Wine Experience

This wine is perfect for those who love less mineral and more fruit in their rosé. Wine drinkers who prefer bone dry mineral rosé may find this wine on the sweeter side. Though bright acidity helps balance it out. Those who enjoy Provence, Loire or Languedoc rosé styles will particularly appreciate this wine.

Enjoy this rosé chilled to 10-14°C. Lower temperature will accentuate acidity and cranberry flavours, while a bit warmer temperature will help the aromas of strawberry, nectarine and apples to shine through.

This is a great afternoon wine, to enjoy at a party, as a pre-dinner drink with entrées and finger foods or as a light after-dinner drink accompanied by a cheese platter. This wine will be great with oysters or sashimi and sushi.

When pairing with food, look for dishes with delicate flavours and structure. Refreshing acidity also makes this wine a great accompaniment for lemon dressing or fresh cherry tomatoes. Light charcuterie can be a great pair for this wine. Food with chilli or astringent taste will overpower the delicate fruit structure of this wine and intensify acidity. Lightly sweet food like sweet potato can be a good option as well. However, desserts will be overpowering for this wine. Fatty food may create an interesting and rich pairing.

Food pairings

🥦 - Potato chips or sweet potato wedges with aioli sauce; fresh summer salad with lemon dressing; zucchini fritters; roasted sweet potato and feta salad; Caprese(Mozzarella with basil and tomato)

 - Oysters; sashimi bowl; pan-fried shrimps with butter and herbs; salmon steak with zucchini noodles; calamari rings; sushi; ceviche.

🍕 - Prosciutto and rocket salad pizza; seafood pasta with basil and cherry tomatoes;ricotta and spinach rolls.

🍗 - Poached chicken with steamed broccolini; lemon and herb chicken; baked asparagus in prosciutto wraps; slow-cooked pork belly with stir-fry; roasted duck with basmati rice; steak tartare; beef carpaccio with parmesan and rocket salad.

🧀 - Chevre (soft goat cheese) with dried apricots or quince paste, Brie or Camembert,Mozzarella, Buffalo cheese, soft blue cheese like Danish Blue.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Clark
A Fantastic Rose for summer

If you are lover of Rose' you need to try this wine. The first thing that hits you is the bouquet of strawberries and you might be thinking this is going to be a sweet rose'. Not so, it is crisp, fresh and dry but not too dry. It is a very sophisticated Rose' that can be enjoyed with lunch or dinner or a BBQ. Whenever I'm in the Swan Valley and I do a tasting I never buy a case of wine I love. I always take a bottle home and try it in my own environment. I rarely buy a case after tasting the bottle at home. I ordered a case (12 bottles) of this Rose' that is how much I love it. Give it a try you won't be disappointed if you enjoy a dry crisp Rose' rather than a sweet Rose.