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2021 Rosé Sangiovese

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This Rose semi-dry red wine style is crafted from Estate Sangiovese grapes, grown with low chemical inputs and no pesticides, followed by production. This has produced a lighter wine style, fresh, bright and fruity with a bouquet of strawberry and cherry characteristics and a little residual sweetness. To be enjoyed ideally served chilled.

- Semi-dry red style.
- Low chemical inputs and no pesticides.
- Light wine style, fresh, bright and fruity.
- Bouquet of strawberry and cherry characteristics
- To be enjoyed now, ideally served chilled.
- 12.9% Alcohol.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Clark
A Fantastic Rose for summer

If you are lover of Rose' you need to try this wine. The first thing that hits you is the bouquet of strawberries and you might be thinking this is going to be a sweet rose'. Not so, it is crisp, fresh and dry but not too dry. It is a very sophisticated Rose' that can be enjoyed with lunch or dinner or a BBQ. Whenever I'm in the Swan Valley and I do a tasting I never buy a case of wine I love. I always take a bottle home and try it in my own environment. I rarely buy a case after tasting the bottle at home. I ordered a case (12 bottles) of this Rose' that is how much I love it. Give it a try you won't be disappointed if you enjoy a dry crisp Rose' rather than a sweet Rose.